Business Opportunity

At Value4money, We are Offering Multiple Business Options with a Flexible Business Model. We Welcome Enterprising Individuals/Firms from all parts of India who would like to join this revolutionary Business. Opportunities exist everywhere from small towns to metro cities. This is an exciting and rewarding Income opportunity because of the tremendous increase in number of Mobile phone users in recent times.


Any Shop small or big, Grocery stores, Mobile stores, Recharge outlets, Internet Café or Utility Kiosks can become our Retailers and earn additional income.

Activation Fee for Retailers: One time Rs.0/- Only. (Activation of Retailers Free of Charge)

Discount : 2.343% on all Prepaid Mobile/DTH Networks.

Example: 1024 Units of Recharge/etop/vtop/lapu - 2.343% = Rs. 1,000/-
0.0% on all Post Paid Bill Payments + Surcharge if any.

Micro Distributor:

Role of a MD is to create Point Of Sale Units (Retail Outlets) and generate revenue through them. MD is the Point of contact for retailers to get their Value4money Service activated and also Retailers purchase daily recharge balance from Our MD.

Signing Security: Rs.50,000/-Only. (Fifty Thousand Only) Interest Free, but Refundable.

Discount : 3.288% (Including Retailer Discount)

Example: 1,03,400 Units of Recharge/etop/vtop/lapu -3.288% = Rs. 1,00,000/-

Benefits: Unlimited Retailer activations FREE. Investment:
1) Minimum 50,000/- for initial starting the business.
2) Per retailer etop of Rs 2,000/- daily. Example if a Distributor has 50 retailers
he has to invest at least 50x2,000=Rs 1,00,000/- per day.

MARKETING SUPPORT : For Easy Marketing and to help you appoint retailers, we will be sending you FREE Marketing Material like- How to Recharge User Manuals etc immediately by Courier/Speed Post once you sign up as a Micro Distributor.